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About MedCom-Advice

MedCom-Advice AB was initiated with the aim to give senior advice to life science companies which may have developed great ideas but struggled to realise these ideas through all the regulatory barriers and clinical directives. MedCom -Advice AB can help guide your life science company to success by allowing you to better understand how to communicate the value of the product to investors and to the market.

After more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, on local, regional and global level, I decided to start MedCom-Advice AB. The initiative was brought from my insight that it requires many years of experience to start and manage an invention within the life science sector due to high level of complexity surrounding the navigation through regulations coupled with the highly competitive nature of the industry. I discovered that many of the researchers with great ideas, irrespective of whether these are within Pharmaceutical, Medtech or Diagnostics are far too late asking for support from experts and thereby get into pitfalls which extend the time it takes to realise the idea. MedCom-Advice will be of great help to speed up your invention and to get it right from the start without making the errors many in the industry take years to learn how to avoid.

About me

I am Ingela Hallberg, I am a physician graduated from Medical School at Gothenburg University. After some years of research within the area of atherosclerosis at Wallenberg laboratory, and clinical work in the cardiology department Sahlgrenska Hospital, Gothenburg, I moved to the pharmaceutical industry. My first work was as medical expert within the atherosclerotic field at Bayer AB, and after 2 years I was asked to take over the role as Nordic medical director. In my over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry I have been in regional and global roles in companies such as Lundbeck AS – Medical Director; Quintiles (IQVIA) – global head of phase l unit Sweden and CEO Nordic; Lundbeck – head of pharmacovigilance; Merck KgA – global/regional medical director; Otsuka AB – regional medical director.

I started MedCom-Advice AB in 2019 and I work with companies included in Karolinska Innovation, GU Ventures, LU Holding and SMILE incubator and others. Most of the companies I have worked with are in the Medtech and Diagnostic sector which has given me a great experience in dealing with the common issues which can arise in companies within these areas. The Medtech sector has undergone big changes regarding regulations and are required to follow the new MDR directive among others. Experiences like mine are of great advantage when working with Med Tech since pharma has been under strict regulations for many years.

I have a broad range of competences such as senior management, business strategy, organizational/change management, clinical research and drug development, managing cross-functional projects and teams, relationship building such as KOL management among others.

I am quick to understand the needs of an organisation, of the competences that are required and those that are insufficient or are lacking the right focus. I have the ability to look at things from many angles and understand what is most important, therefore immediately acquiring the right focus.

I am interested in people, knowing them, understanding them and doing the upmost to fulfil their needs. I am straight forward in my communication but at the same time I am an active listener. I build trust and I see trust as a prerequisite for success.

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Dr. Ingela Hallberg
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