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Senior Advisor


Do you have a need for senior advice to help you on your way with your life science business?

I will be of great help to you by sharing my broad knowledge in the life science business including all phases of clinical development, medical strategy alignment with the business, launch readiness and cross functional operations.


My focus is to act and be present where things really happen. Just get in touch and let us have a chat to start with.

Clinical Development


Do you find it hard to understand what to consider when entering the clinical development phase?

I will be of great help to you with advice in how to plan and execute clinical plan development,  through my broad knowledge in all phases of clinical development, first man trials and then throughout all the later stages of the process.



Early in the process, do you see a gap in how to initiate and whom to work with, and how?

I will be of great help for you to initiate a plan of action and outline the process you want your product to take before you agree on important parts such as final study design, stakeholder collaborators, strategy in relation to regulatory requirements and investor.  

In my experience, start-ups often initiate processes without knowledge of the whole scope which leads to increased costs and extended timelines.

There are a lot of stakeholders that you may need to collaborate with and related costs may be very high. Use me as an independent second source of advice to get an idea  if the decisions you are making are efficient, cost effective and necessary to make you business more successful.


Board member


As a board member in life science I bring competences in clinical development strategies, big pharma experiences, MedTech experiences, organisation and insight in what real life looks like in healthcare.

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